Mariana Kolev is an absolute legend in South Beach. She moved here from her native Argentina in 1998 immediately after graduating High School.   She started working the first week she arrived and hasn't looked back.  Her legendary curly hair, seductive brown eyes and hyper energetic laugh have made her unforgettable.   She speaks both English and Spanish fluently, has travelled the world and worked as a freelance model. Her striking look is the result of her families diverse background which includes European bloodlines mixed with African heritage and Guarani Indian ancestry. 

Currently, she works as a host for Definitely Miami specializing in various events in and around South Beach. In addition to her work with Vibes and Views segments on the show AND being an amazing mother, she also works as a freelance contributor with several Spanish Language media outlets. When she isn't networking with high profile contacts or working in front of the camera you can find her doing HIIT workouts,  twisting her body in Hot Yoga or sweating at a spinning class ---- this is South Beach and staying healthy is just as vital as looking beautiful.   Her face is unforgettable as is her iconic presence.  Once you meet Mariana, you can never forget her!

Beyond the pretty face and magnetic on-camera personality, Mariana is also a successful business woman owning her own business.  She has been a licensed skin care specialist for the past 7 years helping both men and women take care of their skin with a variety of treatments and therapies.   


To schedule a segment with Mariana, contact her via email at MarianaK@VibesandViewsMiami.com